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Machine Gaze centers around an old security camera. After spending decades tediously identifying shoplifters at a Whole Foods supermarket in Redmond, Washington, this surveillance camera has been refitted with computer vision and machine learning, giving it a new purpose and lease on life: to show how machines see people.

This interactive installation invites audiences to step inside the machine. Current computer technologies are difficult to understand. Taking the perspective of a refurbished security camera that has been reprogrammed to read data of human surroundings, Machine Gaze is an exploration of how computer vision recognizes and displays faces.

Machine Gaze was created by Designer-in-Residence Ray LC, with his Explainer collaborators Aaliyah Alcibar, Alejandro Baez and Stephanie Torossian.

Learn more about Machine Gaze on Ray LC’s website here:

We invite you to interact with Machine Gaze from noon – 4 pm daily in the Great Hall.
Machine Gaze is free with NYSCI admission.

The Designers-in-Residence program infuses innovation and current design principles, thinking and insight into NYSCI’s Science Career Ladder. During their residency, Designers-in-Residence participate in public programs and are paired with a small group of two or three Explainers. Designers-in-Residence come to NYSCI to engage with museum culture, explore our resources, and work with their Explainer partners. The goal of the program is for the Designer-in-Residence and Explainer teams to test ideas with the public, develop new work or new components of existing projects, and introduce different perspectives into the way NYSCI presents information and engages with our multiple publics.

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