Inspiring Young Innovators Through Literacy-Based Engineering Activities

2nd Grade Session: From Here to There 

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2nd Grade Session: From Here to There

This session will focus on literacy-based engineering activities that explore force/motion, simple machines and water movement for second-grade students.

Learn how to foster creativity and innovation while engaging students in hands-on engineering activities at this professional development workshop for educators. NYSCI staff will demonstrate how to use everyday materials, storybooks and design challenges to motivate and excite students in the engineering process. Correlations to Common Core Curriculum, NYC Science Scope & Sequence, Next Generation Science Standards, Disciplinary Core Ideas and NGSS Cross-Cutting Concepts will be made.

This workshop is open to educators who teach grades Pre-K to 2. Participants will receive a set of engineering activities, an educator gift bag, a free NYSCI Educator membership and an opportunity to win raffle prizes. Full breakfast will be provided. Registration is free on a first-come, first-served basis.


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This professional development program is made possible through the generous support of 100K in 10 Foundation and the Richmond County Savings Foundation.

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