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Image: Mauna Kea Moonset © Sean Goebel

Produced by Royal Observatory Greenwich and sponsored by Insight Investment, the 2017 Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition brings together the best astrophotography images from around the world. The 31 prize-winning images on display reveal all manner of celestial spectacles and have been captured using a range of equipment, from sophisticated cameras and telescopes to mobile phones.

The overall winning image was created by Russian photographer Artem Mironov. Mironov’s image captured the swirling dust and gas clouds in the Rho Ophiuchi Cloud Complex, which is located about 400 light years away from Earth. The images were taken over three nights from a farm in Nimibia.

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Other images on display include:

Stars and Nebulae

  • Artem Mironov (Russia) with The Rho Ophiuchi Clouds (Category Winner and Overall Winner)
  • Andras Papp (Hungary) with One Stellar Day (Runner Up)
  • Andriy Borovkov (Ukraine) with NGC 281 Pacman (Highly Commended)


  • Mikkel Beiter (Denmark) with Ghost World (Category Winner)
  • Kamil Nureev (Russia) with In Autumn Dance (Runner Up)
  • Ziyi Ye (China) with Aurora Shot from Plane (Highly Commended)


  • Oleg Bryzgalov (Ukraine) with M63: Star Streams and the Sunflower Galaxy (Category Winner)
  • Bernard Miller (USA) with NGC 7731 – The Deer Lick Group (Runner Up)
  • Andriy Borovkov (Ukraine) with NGC 4565 – Needle Galaxy (Highly Commended)

Our Moon

    László Francsics (Hungary) with Blue Moon (Category Winner)
    Jordi Delpeix Borrell (Spain) with Evening in the Ptolemaeus Chain and Rupes Recta Region (Runner Up)
    Sean Goebel (USA) with Mauna Kea Moonset (Highly Commended)

Our Sun

  • Alexandra Hart (UK) with Mercury Rising (Category Winner)
  • Eric Toops (USA) with Solar Limb Prominence and Sunspot (Runner Up)
  • Michael Wilkinson (UK) with Ghostly Sun (Highly Commended)

People and Space

  • Yuri Zvezdny (Russia) with Wanderer in Patagonia (Category Winner)
  • Kurt Lawson (USA) with The Cable Route of Half Dome at Night (Runner Up)
  • Fu Dingyan (China) with Interstellar Travel (Highly Commended)

Planets, Comets and Asteroids

  • Roger Hutchinson (UK) with Venus Phase Evolution (Category Winner)
  • Tunç Tezel (Turkey) with Retrograde Mars and Saturn (Runner Up)
  • Derek Robson (UK) with Near Earth Object 164121 (2003 YT1) (Highly Commended)


  • Haitong Yu (China) with Passage to the Milky Way (Category Winner)
  • Zhong Wu (China) with Star Track in Kawakarpo (Runner Up)
  • Bartlomiej Jurecki (Poland) with Nacreous Clouds (Highly Commended)

Young Astronomy Photographer of the Year

  • Olivia Williamson (UK – aged 13) with Saturn (Category Winner)
  • Kimberly Ochoa (USA – aged 14) with Snake Moon (Runner Up)
  • Fabian Dalpiaz (Italy – aged 15) with Milky Way above Alpe di Suisi/Dolomites (Highly Commended)
  • Sebastien Grech (UK – aged 13) with Orion’s Gaseous Nebula (Highly Commended)
  • Andrea Imazio (Italy – aged 8) with Rosa Mountain (Highly Commended)

Special Prize: The Sir Patrick Moore prize for Best Newcomer
Jason Green (Gibraltar) with The Cone Nebula (NGC 2264) (Category Winner)

Special Prize: Robotic Scope
Gerald Rhemann (Austria) with Encounter of Comet and Planetary Nebula (Category Winner)

Exhibit is free with NYSCI admission.

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