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Engineering Week kicks off with Civil Engineering Day on Monday, February 19, with activities and tables run by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Engineering Week continues February 20 – 23 with a focus on robotics and talks by different engineers and professionals in the robotics field, along with activities and challenges to put those ideas into practice in NYSCI’s Design Lab.

Free with NYSCI admission.


Daily Events

2/19 Monday, 12 – 4 pm

  • Design Lab: Design, build, and test an Emergency Structure using Dowels and Rubberbands.
  • Civil Engineering Day with the American Society of Civil Engineers.

2/20 Tuesday, 12 – 4 pm

  • Explore coding though video game design using Scratch and Makey Makeys in Design Lab.

2/21 Wednesday, 12 – 4 pm

  • Explore coding though video game design using Scratch and Makey Makeys in Design Lab.

2/22 Thursday, 12 – 4 pm

  • Explore coding though video game design using Scratch and Makey Makeys in Design Lab.
  • Rover Rendezvous with Jupiter Joe’s Sidewalk Astronomy – Mars Rover sample recovery mission. Participants will be challenged to utilize a robotic arm in order to execute a mock Mars rover sample recovery mission in order to recover certain minerals and elements on the surface of Mars. Participants will have to undertake a basic understanding of periodic table symbols while learning the importance of robotic missions. This activity engages participants in Science, through an understanding of Astronomy, Technology through their interface with a mock rover and control platform as well as an understanding of engineering and math through the interaction with the sample recovery and analysis

    Jupiter Joe’s Sidewalk Astronomy is focused on cultivating an interest in astronomy through the usage of the most advanced tools available. From computerized telescopes, robotics and VR integration we bring you the best astronomy outreach available.

2/23 Friday 12 – 4 pm

  • Explore coding though video game design using Scratch and Makey Makeys in Design Lab.
  • FIRST Robotics Team 1796 RoboTigers – See a 120 pound robot shoot 5″ balls. Make your own ball shooter mechanism, Lego Mindstorm robot or Snap-on Circuit or just swing by to see the robot in action!

    FIRST Robotics Team 1796 RoboTigers- FIRST Team 1796 RoboTigers is a high school robotics team that builds competitive robots and promotes STEAM within their community. The mission of FIRST is to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders and innovators, by engaging them in exciting Mentor-based programs that build science, engineering, and technology skills, that inspire innovation, and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership.

2/24 Saturday 3 – 5 pm
Editing Our Evolution: Rewriting the Human Genome
Join scientists in a discussion on the many questions surrounding the possibility of editing the human genome. Should it be regulated? Should it be banned? Who should make these decisions?

Participants must be age 16 or older to attend this discussion. Light refreshments will be provided. NYSCI entry is free with event registration.

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