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Learn about civil engineering through interactive games, construction challenges, and hands-on activities presented by the Metropolitan Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Activities include:

  • Gumdrop Dome: Build a dome using gumdrops and toothpicks. Then, test how much weight your dome can support.
  • Topple-A-Tug: Design your own boat made out of aluminum foil and see how many pennies it can hold without sinking.
  • Paper Bridge: Build a bridge using paper, wooden blocks and paper clips. Then see how much weight it can hold before it collapses.
  • Paper Tower: Design and build a tower at least 10 inches high using index cards and paper clips. See if your tower can withstand a weight placed on top. Hint: You can fold the index cards into any shape you want to increase their strength.
  • Truss Bridge: Using  West Point Bridge Designer software, design the least expensive truss bridge that will pass a simulated load test.
  • Jenga: Build the tallest possible tower of blocks before the tower falls over.
  • Dowels: Build structures with wooden dowel rods.
  • Rockwell Blocks: Use large blue foam blocks and wheels to build your own unique structure.

All activities are free with NYSCI admission.

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