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Celebrate Earth Day at NYSCI! Reuse, recycle and rethink how to respond to climate change. Take part in hands-on activities, learn how personal choices impact the climate, and come up with solutions and strategies to combat climate change.
This event continues on April 22


Take part in fun, family friendly activities to learn more about climate change and find ways to respond.

  • Extreme Events – Explore the impact that green infrastructure has on managing water runoff in the face of extreme events.
  • Empty Spaces – Act as landscape architects to redesign a vacant lot while considering different solution strategies.
  • Hidden Cost Café – Explore the carbon footprints of your favorite foods.
  • Hot Spots – Explore differences in surface temperatures of locations across the city and discuss solutions to keep New York City cool.
  • Get to the Game – Explore the carbon footprint of their game-day food and transportation choices.
  • Choices in your Neighborhood – Identify which green energy choices are available in their neighborhood by stacking different colored legos on a map.
  • Digital Map – Upload stories, videos, data and pictures related to climate change impacts or programs in your neighborhood and see what your friends and neighbors are sharing.

The Climate & Urban Systems Partnership (CUSP) is a group of organizations and individuals dedicated to climate change education through local and relevant solutions.

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