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Experience Design Lab, a new permanent exhibition consisting of five distinct “pods” that will allow visitors to engage in activities, experiments and challenges that provide a deeper understanding of engineering and the design process.

The five pods include Backstage, where visitors can devise solutions to a perfect performance of light, shadow and motion; Sandbox, where visitors can build sturdy structures you can stand inside; Studio, where visitors can construct circuits for a model city; Treehouse, where visitors can explore gravity, shape and air resistance; and Maker Space, an area that opened in 2012 and that allows visitors to learn how to use tools that convert design ideas into prototypes.

The physical appearance of Design Lab evokes a DIY sensibility and encourages visitors to look at the materials around them in new ways. Displays will showcase previous visitors’ work as inspiration for new creations. Architectural design and fabrication by Situ Studio.

Free with general NYSCI admission.

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