Dead or Alive

Science of Creepy 

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Join us for an afternoon of exploring the science of creepy. Make your own fake vial of blood, become a zombie while learning about biological simulations, and create a real habitat for a fake creature. Do it all, while listening to live music!

Prizes will be handed out for those who come in costume.

All activities are free with NYSCI admission.



1 – 5 pm

Live Music
Enjoy live bands curated by Honk NYC.

Costume Creations
In this drop-in workshop, create a costume using an array of tools and fun materials at your disposal.

DIY Prosthetic Wounds
Construct your own prosthetic wounds (with a chocolate-y recipe that’s scary and delicious).

Dowels and Cobwebs
Build spooky sculptures you can stand inside with dowels and rubber bands.

Fake Blood
Make and take your own vial of fake blood.

Monster Mashup
Make a monster come to life with stop motion animation and cartoon body parts.

Spooky Sounds
Create instruments to make spooky sounds using everyday materials and electronics.

Zombie Tag
Take on the role of a scientist who is helping the “Center for Calamity Control” simulate a zombie outbreak.



3 pm – Halloween Phases of Matter Demonstrations
Learn about the phases of matter (with a Halloween twist!) from the NYSCI Explainers.

3:30 pm – Pumpkin Chucking
Watch our catapult, Chuck, toss pumpkins in the air.

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