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Celebrate chemistry with NYSCI and the New York section of the American Chemical Society. The event will showcase chemistry principles using demonstrations performed by local college students and volunteers from local industries.

Hands-on activities are recommended for ages 4 and older.

Free with NYSCI admission, located in the Viscusi Gallery.



Limestone and Marble Reaction with Acid, Vinegar and Bicarbonate.
Adelphi University (AU)

Molecular Chemistry Modeling.
American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AICE)

Reactive Rocks, Fluorescent Rocks, Floating Rocks.
Bronx Community College (BCC)

Geode Eggs, Rock Candy, Ghost Crystal.
College of Mount Saint Vincent (CMSV)

Density of Earth’s Crust—Floating, Volcanic Rocks, Crayon Rock Cycle, Sodium Acetate Crystallization.
Columbia University (CU)

Rock Collection, Rock Painting.
Guttman Community College (GCC)

Borax Crystal Demonstration, Solve the Crime!, Ink Chromatograph.
Hofstra University (HU)

Crystal Growing, Rock Pendulum, Instant Ice
Pace University (PU)

Let’s play with molecular model kit, Elephant Toothpaste.
Maruzen International Co. Ltd (MIC)

Create Your Own Beverage Demo.
PepsiCo (PEPSI)

Foam Explosion, Flying Tinsel, Collapse the Cup, Fantastic Foamy Fountain.
New York University (NYU)

Grow in the Dark Rocks!, Finding the Radioactive Rocks!, Cool Rocks!
Queensborough Community College (QCC)

Baggie Chemistry Concoction.
Roosevelt UFSD (RUFSD)

Super Shrinkers.
St. Joseph’s College (SJC)

Make Your Own Metamorphic Rock, Fool’s Gold Stinks, Pet Rocks Rock, Rock Reaction.
St. John’s University (SJU)

pH of Household Products, Felt Pen ID by Chromatography.
Svorono’s Potion Class (SPC)

Calcite Birefringence, Density of Materials, Reversible Redox, Chemistry Crystalline Structure.
Stony Brook University (SBU)

Sand Xylophone, Making Magic Sand, Oscillation Clock Reaction, The Effects of Acid Rain, Alternative Energy and Energy Storage.
U. S. Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA)

Mining Video Game

Safety glasses, passports, photo release, evaluation form, and ACS magazines.
Turn in your passports here for gifts!
New York Section of the ACS

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