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Hold bugs, make your own Bobble Bug, or explore the science of beeswax at this one-day, annual event. You can learn about and handle a variety of bugs, including an array of insects and spiders presented by members of the New York City Entomological Society and NYSCI’s own hissing cockroaches. Meet a local beekeeper and sample some honey. Learn the difference between entomology and entomophagy, and even taste a bug!




  • DIY Bug Observation Journals – Visitors can use recycled DVD cases to make journals for amateur entomology.
  • Make it: Wooden Bobble Bugs – Learn how to use basic woodworking tools like saws and clamps to create your own wooden Bobble Bug! Combining simple woodworking and a spring you can create a wiggling, bouncing, bobbling insect. (Sessions: 12 pm; 1:30 pm; 3 pm) 
  • Beeswax Science (2 – 4 pm) Buzz into the world of beeswax and discover exciting ways of using this natural material.
  • Observe and hold a variety of insects and arachnids with members of the NY Entomological Society
  • Learn about a wide variety of insect and arachnid species from Craig Zammiello’s stunning collection.
  • Hold and learn about NYSCI’s Hissing Cockroaches.
  • Beekeeping 101 with Tim O’Neal and his mobile hive. Learn about bees, beekeeping and taste some honey.



  • 2 pm – Entomology and Entomophagy by Louis Sorkin.
    Learn about the science of entomology and the benefits of entomophagy, and join our bug tasting!
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  Yesterday was our second annual Bug Day. We learned about beekeeping and sampled honey with Tim O'Neal of Borough Bees. We learned about cooking insects, complete with tasting, courtesy of Small Stock Foods' David Gracer. We released ladybugs into …