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The Ultimate LEGO Experience 

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Kids and adults can get inspired, educated and entertained with LEGO bricks at this ultimate LEGO fan experience. Highlights include large LEGO sculptures, hands-on activities, collaborative LEGO building projects and more!

Toy Story’s Woody & Darth Vadar – See 7-foot-tall models of Toy Story’s Woody and Darth Vadar, made entirely of LEGO bricks.
Neon City – Build with UV-reactive LEGO under black lights to create an Alien City.
Glow Gallery– See how UV-reactive LEGO elements light up the dark with custom LEGO models.
Floorsaic – Assist with the assembly of a massive 20-foot by 20-foot LEGO mosaic image.
LEGO Nerdy Derby– Build and race your own LEGO cars.
Build Wall– Build with LEGOs on a vertical wall.
LEGO Mosaic Building Station– Add your personal touch to a large collaborative work of art.
Big Brick Pit – Build in a sandbox filled with over 100,000 2×4 red LEGO bricks.
Duplo Junior Builders – Kids ages 1 – 4 years old can build in this special area for preschoolers.
Architecture Zone– Create your own constructions in this architecture-inspired building area.
Free with NYSCI admission. 
Please note there are special Free Hours on Sunday, March 31, 2019. Free Hours will begin at 4 pm instead of at 10 am.
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