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This fun and interactive exhibition helps visitors explore their own personal eating habits, as well as the eating habits of other cultures. Visitors can discover topics such as physical activity versus food intake, the workings of the digestive system, creating a balanced diet, and the origin of foods that populate grocery store shelves.

Why do you eat? Why do you choose one product over another at the grocery store? Do you know where your food comes from? Bon Appétit answers those questions and more, explains nutritional guidelines, and covers the basics of healthy eating habits using interactive games and activities. Bon Appétit increases awareness of marketing strategies used in the food industry and awakens curiosity for different food cultures while encouraging visitors to think about their own relationship to food.

The exhibition covers five themes through a dozen games, and features life-sized (and oversized) interactive and energetic activities for both groups and individuals that promote physical activity, a necessary component of a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to multimedia games, other exhibits help visitors develop communication and team spirit skills. A comprehensive collection of short films features food and eating customs of other cultures, offering a “citizen of the world” insight into our global world.

From a food racetrack to burn calories with the “Fast Food” exhibit, to a squeezing machine to count how much salt, sugar, and oil your favorite muffins have, you won’t look at food the same way again!

Bon Appétit was developed by Cité des sciences et de l’industrie in Paris, France, and produced by Imagine Exhibitions.

Free with NYSCI admission.

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