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Big Data Fest
March 28, 2015; 11 am – 5 pm
Find out how data is relevant to the lives of New Yorkers at this event featuring interactive experiences focused on data literacy and data gathering and visualization. Visitors can watch live data streams, build data sensors, explore neighborhood-specific data and historical data, enjoy live performances and more. This event is being offered in connection with the 6th Annual CompleNet Conference. Free with NYSCI admission.


Activities and Tabletop Talks

Macro Connections, MIT Media Lab: Analytical tools that can help improve our understanding of the world’s macro structures in all of their complexity.

Rutgers University Coastal Ocean Observation Lab: Real-time ocean data with a glider.

CIESIN, Columbia University: Online mapping tools you can use

Sloan Digital Sky Survey : 3-D maps of the universe

Welikia : Historical and contemporary NYC ecosystems data

Peiqi Su, Interactive Telecommunication Program, NYU: Energy Ring

Sarah Kaufman, NYU Rudin Center for Transportation: Transporation Data: Job Access and Mobility

NYSCI’s MakerSpace: Hands-on data visualization activities

NYSCI’s Design Lab: Explore perspective and data with NYSCI’s Size Wise App.

Mauro Martino, IBM Watson, Data Visualization : Machine learning for the understanding of Big Unstructured Data.

Make! Sense: Build your own sensor.

CoCensus: A research exhibit for interactively and collaboratively exploring the US Census.

goVIRAL : Building crowdsourcing systems for better public health surveillance

Network Science Center, West Point : Data driven hands-on activities and discussions led by Cadets

Systems Science and Simulation Laboratory (S3L): Systems modeling activities designed to help younger audiences learn the concept of data. Led by Nasim Sabounchi.



Network Science for the Next Generation : Data research with high schools

Places and Spaces 

Art of Networks Exhibit, LeCroy Gallery Talks at 12:30 pm and 3:30 pm



Humanexus : Knowledge and communication through the ages.

The Human Face of Big Data : The promise and peril of the knowledge revolution.



12:00 KEYNOTE: Erica Raleigh: Motor City Mapping/data Driven Detroit 

Community Change: Enabling Civic Engagement with Data


12:40 Jim Bonner: Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries-Clarkson University

The Real World of Real-Time Data


1:00 Colin Reilly: NYC DoITT

Mapping and Geospatial Data in NYC DoITT


1:20 Cesar Hidalgo: MIT Media Lab-Macro Connections

Data Visualization Engines: Bringing Bits to Life


1:40pm Giorgia Lupi: Accurat

Friends in Space: The First Social Network That Extends Beyond Earth


2:00 Erik Laby: mappr

Exploring Khan Academy and Common Core Math Using Mappr


2:20 Bob Chen: CIESIN, Columbia University

Can Big Data Help Save Our Planet?


2:40 Arlene Ducao and Jennifer Sta. Ines: MindRider

MindRider Maps Manhattan: A New Approach To The Smart City


3:00 Leonardo Bonanni: Sourcemap

The Black Box of Global Supply Chains


3:20 Sarah Greene: Rapid Science

Personalized Medicine: Your Data & Big Data


3:40 Daniel Goddemeyer: Digital Thought Facility

ON BROADWAY: Life in the 21st Century City


4:00 Fernando Maymi: Army Cyber Institute at West Point

Oh the Places Your Data Will Go


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