Angry Birds Universe

Summer exhibition 

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Use giant slingshots to launch Angry Birds in our summer exhibition, Angry Birds Universe. The slingshots allow you to test structures you have built by propelling balls adorned with the images of characters from the famous Angry Birds video game. You can also build and race handheld vehicles in a live version of the new game Angry Birds Go!, learn about the creation of the Angry Birds games, and discover real bird characteristics such as egg sizes and wingspan lengths. Other activities include a stop animation and music studio, and vehicle racetrack stations, and gaming stations. Free with NYSCI admission.


Exhibits include:

Introduction to the Angry Birds Characters
Vehicle Building Station
Raceways Tracks

Egg-Size Interactive
Wingspan Comparison
Real Bird Video

Penny Vortex
Space Weight Scale

Climbing Wall

Stop Animation Station
Music Station
Scene Creation Station
Learn to Draw an Angry Bird Station
Freestyle Art Table

Life-Sized Slingshots
Gear Wall
Magnet Wall Track
Pulley Interactive
Mini Game Table


Angry Birds Universe was developed by Imagine Exhibitions, Inc., in partnership with Rovio Entertainment Ltd. and Jack Rouse Associates.

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