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ACCESS 2018 is inspired by one of NYSCI’s foundational exhibits that took place in the Great Hall, the iconic building designed by architect Wallace K. Harrison for the 1964-65 Worlds Fair. The exhibits in Harrison’s “Cathedral of Science” engaged visitors with the exciting potential for space exploration with a spectacle-making animatronic rocket ship and Frank Capra’s documentary, Rendevous in Space, which extolled the wonders of space exploration. This year’s ACCESS commissions have paired three sets of artists and scientists together for the purpose of co-creating participatory performances, large-scale/site-specific projections, and interactive installations running throughout the weekend.



Projects on View
Saturday, October 13; 10 am – 5 pm
Sunday, October 14; 10 am – 5 pm

Conversation with Artist and Scientist Pairs
Saturday, October 13; 5 – 6 pm
Learn about the ACCESS 2018 collaborations from the artists and scientists themselves, as they discuss their projects and the process of working together.

Meet the Artists and Scientists
Saturday, October 13; 6 – 8 pm
Meet the artists and scientists behind the ACCESS 2018 projects while experiencing their work.
This event is FREE and offered in collaboration with the Queens Night Market. Guests may enter via NYSCI’s main entrance on 111th Street or rear gate on Science Avenue.
Cash Bar. ID required.



SEI05: Search for a Signal
CHiKA, Artist
Dr. Emily Rice, Scientist

SEI05 is an interactive installation, highlighting the implications of Dr. Rice’s research on cool, very low mass stars, which are numerous throughout the Milky Way Galaxy, and which may host more potentially habitable exoplanets than Sun-like stars do.

Programmer: Calli Higgins
Architect Designer: Alex Burdin
Intern: Nichole Cabalquinto, Kanako Abe and Samantha Farmer

The Stars Hold Our Stories
Katherine Freer, Artist
Dr. Jackie Faherty, PhD, Astrophysicist

The Stars Hold Our Stories uses the night sky as an interactive bridge between people through time and space. The work is a reactive skyscape generated from the Gaia catalog, a database of over 1.3 billion stellar distances. The installation activates to become an immersive and synergistic performance experience, weaving together artistry, design, theatricality, astrophysics, indigenous astrological, knowledge and mythology.

Performers: Jerome Ellis, Ty Defoe, Dr. Jackie Faherty, Ph.D., Daniel de Jesús, Kristine Haruna Lee, Jen Goma, Jean-Paul Weaver
AR Developer: Arielle Herman
OpenSpace Collaborator: Micah Acinapura
Star lore consultant: Ari Berk
Equipment sponsor: 4Wall
The data shown in these visualizations was rendered primarily from the European Space Agency’s Gaia DR2 catalog. This is the world’s largest collection of high precision distances and motions to stars.

Escape the Planet
Andrew Scoville: Artist
Moiya McTier: Scientist

Oh no! We’ve accidentally crash-landed on a planet outside of our solar system. Will we be able to make this our new home? That depends entirely on what the planet is like. It needs to have the right kind of atmosphere, orbit the right kind of star, be the right size, rotate at the right speed… the list goes on and on. Well, the planet we’ve landed on isn’t right for us at all, so we need your help gathering supplies before we can escape! Come on this inter-planetary adventure with us and you’ll get an appreciation for how special Earth really is.

Production Designer: Joe Cantalupo
Sound Designer: Joe Drymala

All free with NYSCI admission. View the ACCESS exhibit page for more details.

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