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NYSCI’s summer exhibition uses flight simulation, augmented reality, touch tables, design and skill challenges, augmented reality and more to immerse visitors in the wonders of flight, space travel and aerospace innovation, design and technology. Above and Beyond is presented by Boeing and produced by Evergreen Exhibitions in collaboration with NASA and the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum.
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Through more than 15 exhibit components, visitors to Above and Beyond will explore innovations in aviation and aerospace, from the first powered flights to the newest innovations on Earth and in space. As guests enter Above and Beyond, they will be welcomed with an immersive, wraparound theater that highlights the epic quest to challenge the limits of flight. Continuing through the exhibition, they will learn more about flight through the hands-on interactives. They can step into a simulated space elevator that takes them to the edge of the universe, design and test a supersonic fighter jet to face off in a virtual high-speed flying competition, experience what it’s like to fly like a bird through a flying simulation with motion-sensing technology, and more.


Exhibits include:

Beyond the Limits – This three-minute video celebrates the epic quest to challenge the limits of flight and the power of innovation to propel humans above and beyond every new horizon.
Digital Timeline – A multilayered digital touchscreen timeline where visitors can retrace innovators and innovations that have transformed the world through flight.
Spread Your Wings – A group flying experience where motion-sensing technology and computer graphics transform visitors into virtual birds. Visitors explore the forces of flight – lift, weight, thrust and drag – as they lean to steer, and flap and angle their wings to fly.
Take Flight – Virtual 3D models demonstrate key innovations in flight and the science behind them. Visitors select one model at a time from contemporary versions of six different aircraft, then make it fly, find out how it works, and explore its heritage.
Shock Waves – Allows visitors to perform a simulated wind tunnel test to gauge the effects of aerodynamics on high-speed flight.
Full Throttle – Visitors use aerodynamic principles to design their own virtual fighter jets and race against others in a high-speed flying competition.
Smart Manufacturing – This video demonstrates smart technologies that are shaping how aerospace companies design and build aircraft, including virtual design and rapid prototyping, 3D printing and manufacturing robots.
Future Aircraft – A touchscreen where visitors can explore concepts for future aircraft that fly faster, greener and better in various ways. They’ll experience new supersonic passenger jets, a flying car, a hypersonic aircraft that flies more than five times the speed of sound, and more.
RoboFlyers – In this fascinating look at applications for remotely piloted technologies, visitors launch their unique Roboflyer designs to test their skills at equipping and programming flyers for the missions they choose.
Smart Skies – A brief, theater-style presentation reveals how smart technologies will transform air space. Visitors discover innovations to decrease weather delays, reduce pollution, and improve air traffic efficiency.
Future Spacecraft – Touchscreen media and images of futuristic spacecraft systems give visitors a sneak peek at exciting innovations designed to open the space frontier to everyone and propel human astronauts farther than ever before.
Marathon to Mars – Through an augmented-reality experience, visitors explore first-hand the challenge of flying to Mars. They’ll take on the physical and psychological challenges of the journey and try out some potential solutions.
Space Junk – In this virtual timed challenge, visitors try to eliminate orbital debris surrounding Earth, using cutting-edge solutions.
Elevator to Space – Visitors ascent to Earth orbit aboard a simulated space elevator of the future. During their ascent, breathtaking scenery, visual displays and a virtual tour guide describe aircraft, spacecraft and aerospace phenomena.
Dreams Aloft – As visitors exit the exhibition, they view a montage of video vignettes by young aerospace employees who describe their inspirations, projects and dreams for the next century of flight. Visitors can add their own visions for the future of flight to a collective wall of dreams.

Entry to Above and Beyond costs $4 per person, plus NYSCI admission. Museum members can enter for free.


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