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Join us in celebrating the International Year of the Periodic Table! View a large-scale 3D periodic table, built by the New York section of the American Chemical Society.

The giant 3D Periodic Table is composed of 118 individual element panels designed by participants from more than 50 organizations and is approximately 12-feet by 10-feet by 10-feet in size. It pays tribute to the discovery of the periodicity of the chemical elements, and celebrates the legacy of science, innovation and human collective endeavors.

This project is generously sponsored by the New York Hall of Science, Chemical Marketing & Economics (CME) Group of the NYACS, International Business Machines (IBM) Research, PepsiCo, and the New York Section of the American Chemical Society (NYACS).

Unveiling Ceremony
Friday, October 18; 2:30 pm
Speak to eminent scientists including Dr. James Wynne, who helped discover excimer laser surgery which laid the foundation for the development of techniques such as LASIK, and Dr. James McGroddy, whose early work led to the first observation of the Gunn effect in ternary alloys of III-V compounds. Also present will be accomplished academia faculty members, university/college/high school students, and representatives of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Free with NYSCI admission.
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