An interview with NYSCI’s Inaugural Design Fellow, Deren Guler.

After finishing her degree in physics, Deren went on to become a fellow at NYSCI, where she has been developing the prototypes for her DIY electronic kits designed for young children.

As part of her fellowship, Deren facilitates workshops to deploy existing and new design and learning kits related to her Teknikio company but tailored to NYSCI’s current and developing audiences.

Through conversations with NYSCI’s Public Programming staff, Deren will craft workshops combining her skills and research with information regarding programming needs and audience specifics.

The Design Fellowship provides an opportunity for Guler to develop her new design and science-related kit content and rigor through public workshops and feedback/prototyping with NYSCI staff.

For more about Deren and Teknikio visit:

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Produced by Bec Susan Gill and Jayde Lovell for ‘Did Someone Say Science?’