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SciSkate at NYSCI: Opening December 10

Experience the magic of winter without the frostbite. Reservations can be made starting December 7 at noon!

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Tuesday, December 13, 5-7 PM

High School & College Students: learn about neuroscience from invited guests, including keynote speaker Ismail Ahmed.

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Human Plus

An exhibition that features the ways in which we use technologies to enhance human potential.

Small Discoveries 2

Small Discoveries

An exhibition that invites you to explore the power and beauty of microbes and microscopes.

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Powering the City

An exhibition that places innovation and sustainability in the hands of the future.

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Design Lab Reopens!

We are so excited that the Lower Level is reopen! Come to Design, Make, Play.

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Rocket Park Mini Golf

In this nine-hole miniature golf course, players will explore key science concepts such as propulsion, gravity, escape velocity, launch window, gravitational assist, and more.

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Science Like A New Yorker

New Yorkers have a way of never being satisfied with the status quo. For us, science is about re-thinking, re-inventing, questioning everything and chasing the impossible. Visit NYSCI and have fun learning to recognize and appreciate the science all around us, every day.

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