Wild Minds: What Animals Really Think

Animals are smarter than you think. Many species share cognitive skills that are considered key signs of higher mental abilities such as using tools, solving problems, self awareness, and ability to communicate.

Over decades, researchers have documented these talents in different animal species, observing behavior in the wild and in carefully controlled laboratory experiments. What they have seen and reported has gradually chipped away at what we thought made human beings unique, revealing that we are not alone in our ability to invent, plan or empathize.

In Wild Minds: What Animals Really Think, you will discover surprising and impressive thinking skills in a variety of animals.

We invite you to:

  • Learn how animals’ environments have shaped the evolution of their cognitive abilities.
  • Find out how understanding animal self-awareness, communication, learning and emotion help us to understand more about ourselves.
  • Continue learning about the cognitive abilities of animals by observing your pets at home, animals in nature, or by going to your local zoo or aquarium.

We think that what you see and hear will make YOU think!