Science After Dark

Science After Dark

Come and explore NYSCI after hours!

Bring your scout council or community group to experience a private evening of science investigation and fun.



Science Scavenger Hunt

Grab your notebook, magnifying glass and lab coat. We begin the after dark journey discovering the secrets of science; everything from how ants communicate to the magic of optical illusions.

3D Movie

After scouring the museum for clues to the mysteries of the universe, it’s time for milk and cookies in front of NYSCI’s very own 3D theater. Witness ancient dinosaurs, giant creatures of the sea and wild tornadoes come to life!


What you get

For only $59 per person, between 6:30 pm – 11 pm, Science After Dark includes:

  • admission
  • parking
  • group orientation
  • organized scavenger hunt
  • 3D theater show
  • 450 hands-on exhibits
  • milk and cookies

For more information contact Jennifer Brunjes, 718-699-0005 ext. 371,