Programs and Pricing

Programs and Pricing

Take your class on a fun-filled adventure:

Activities Free with Admission

For only $6 per student, NYSCI contains more than 450 interactive exhibits, live science demonstrations, and much more! Click here for full Group pricing list.

Enrich Your Experience

Immerse your students in science with an all-inclusive field trip! Each experience package includes general admission, plus a live science demonstration, and an accompanying 3D theater presentation.

Enhance Your Field Trip with More Active Learning

NYSCI’s award winning Science Playground and Rocket Park Mini Golf are outdoor exhibitions packed with exhibits that invite not only hands-on, but whole body participation.

Education Programs And Workshops

NYSCI is one of the leading providers of educational programming for students and teachers.
Each instructor-led workshop session runs 45 minutes. (max. of 32 children)
Fee: $200 per group (plus admission fees).

Enhance your field trip experience with one of our hands-on inquiry-based science workshops, which are correlated to New York City and New York State Standards.

All student workshops can be modified to suit your curricular needs, pending prior consultation with NYSCI staff. Custom programs can be developed for an additional one-time fee of $500.

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  • Daily Demonstrations

    planyourtrip_ftdThe exciting properties of chemistry, physics, biology right before your eyes during these interactive 15-minute demonstrations.

  • Science Playground

    9534177290_1f61b2637f_bExplore the scientific principles of motion, balance, sound, sight and simple machines.

  • Rocket Park Mini Golf

    miniExplore the science of spaceflight in this nine-hold mini golf course.

  • Early Childhood & Early Elementary Workshops

    bubblebrainstorm_ftdEnrich your pre-K - 2 field trip with a workshop on bubbles, buoyancy, color, the five senses or classification.

  • Elementary to Middle School Workshops

    IMG_3229 copyEnrich your field trip with workshops on sports and physics, microbiology, optical illusions, simple machines, or light and color.

  • Middle School to High School Workshops

    middleschool_ftdEnrich your field trip with workshops on minerals, genetics or forensic science.

  • Biology Experience

    biologyexperience_ftdGrades: 1st – 8th Grade Weekdays at 10 am Curriculum Connections: Life Science, Physical Health, Diversity of Life, Science and Tech- nology, Science in Personal and Social Perspectives, History an

  • Earth Science Experience

    earth_experience_ftdGrades: 1st – 8th Grades Weekdays at 10am Curriculum Connections: Physical Science Concepts, Life Science Concepts, Earth and Space Sciences Concepts, Scientific Connections and Applications, Scient