Experience a night at the museum at NYSCI with your friends and family!

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ARTech: Adventures in Art + Technology

Pop into this temporary activity center for children located in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District.

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Google’s Field Trip Days

Six thousand K–8 students from New York City Title 1 schools will participate in Google’s Field Trip Days during the 2016-2017 school year.

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NYSCI Honors Guy Chiarello

Guy Chiarello, President of First Data, receives the Distinguished Leadership Award at the 2016 NYSCI Gala.

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NYSCI Honors Leonard Schleifer and George Yancopoulos

Dr. Leonard Schleifer (CEO) and Dr. George Yancopoulos (CSO) of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals receive the Vision and Venture Award at the 2016 NYSCI Gala.

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NYSCI Honors Ayah Bdeir

Ayah Bdeir, Founder and CEO of littleBits, receives the Creative Entrepreneurship Award at the 2016 NYSCI Gala.

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NYSCI Honors Shateesh, Anna and Laycca

Shateesh Bhugwansing, Anna McPherran and Laycca Umer receive the Seidenberg Family Top of the Ladder Award at the 2016 NYSCI Gala.

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ACCESS: Artist and Scientist Collaborations Workshop

Families are invited to participate in a project on climate science.

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Little Makers: Circular Painting

Investigate circular shapes while learning about science, math and art.

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Science in the Park

Science in the Park

Free science activities in Alley Pond Park in Little Neck, Queens will take place on eight Sundays in May and June.

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NYSCI is Founding Member of Big Data Effort

NYSCI is the outreach and education partner for the Northeast Big Data Hub, working to develop new and accessible ways for citizens to engage with and learn about big data and their impact on society.

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Innovation Camp: Extreme Science Spring

In this camp for grades 3 – 4, students will investigate different extreme environments and create a survival plan and design tools that will aid in their survival.

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Network Literacy document published

This brochure about network literacy states basic ideas for the study of networks in plain language, presenting seven essential concepts.

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Has response to Ebola in US gotten out of hand?

There is a sense of panic in some communities about how to deal with people who come to the US from West Africa, specifically counties that are experiencing the Ebola epidemic. The governors of New York and New Jersey backed off from requiring returning health…

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National Chemistry Day

Celebrate chemistry with NYSCI and the New York Section of the American Chemical Society.

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martin weiss004

Some Good News About Ebola

Ebola has now infected about 9,000 people and killed nearly 4,500, including 263 health care workers, the World Health Organization reported Wednesday. These numbers are probably an underestimate, WHO officials said. Disease transmission is still rampant in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, although in some…

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SciPlay at Maker Faire 2014

On September 20 and 21, NYSCI hosted the 5th annual World Maker Faire New York, our biggest annual event. Described as the greatest show and tell show on earth, there were over 800 exhibits, presentations, and performances by Makers and over 85,000 visitors. This year…

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SciPlay Summer Institute 2014

SciPlay invited 18 New York City middle school science teachers to take part in the SciPlay Summer Institute at NYSCI in August 2014. The goal was to explore the use of playground experiences to teach middle school science, such as topics on energy, simple machines, motion, and force….

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middle school iPad


SciPlay and Design Lab have been working hard to create a suite of apps for release in the app store to help support playful and engaging STEM learning.

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Explainer Spotlight: Justine Wu

Meet Justine Wu, a Senior Explainer at NYSci.

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