Little Makers: Paper Clay Sculptures

Mix and blend strips and scraps of recycled paper to make soft paper clay.

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Little Makers: Bubble Bonanza

Sunday, March 6

Design and make your own bubble-blowing tools from everyday objects and recycled materials. Test your new bubble tool to blow bubbles of different sizes.

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Scrapkins logo

Connected Worlds Creatures with Scrapkins

Make your own creatures out of recycled materials with help from Scrapkins.

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Little Makers: Play Dough Robots

Design and build a funky robot using homemade play dough and recycled electronic parts.

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Empire Drive-In

Experience another kind of drive-in movie theater. Climb in and out of 60 cars reclaimed from a New York junkyard as you watch a live show or film projected on a big screen.

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Little Makers: Birds Nests

Birds have unique ways of using special materials to make their homes. Explore the science behind nest-making and transform recycled materials into a nest of your own in this drop-in workshop.

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