Little Makers: Floam

Sunday, March 20

Is it a liquid or a solid? Mix and squish household ingredients with micro beads to make a special polymer called Floam.

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Little Makers: Bubble Bonanza

Sunday, March 6

Design and make your own bubble-blowing tools from everyday objects and recycled materials. Test your new bubble tool to blow bubbles of different sizes.

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Little Makers: Fizzy Science

Sunday, February 28

Discover the chemistry reaction between acids and bases through a hands-on science exploration. Make a batch of dirt dough and watch how it turns into fizzy mud.

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Packing Peanuts2

Little Makers: Cornstarch Packing Builders

Sunday, February 21

Practice your engineering skills as you squish, mush and build with cornstarch packing peanuts, cardboard and your imagination.

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Little Makers: Paint Party

Sunday, February 14

Investigate everyday materials to create a colorful painting. Mix a batch of washable paint to continue your art at home.

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Little Makers

Little Makers invites families with young children to tinker, design and create together.

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Recommended Reading

A list of story time books compiled by the Science & Technology librarian.

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Preschool Resources

Download these helpful guides to bring along so you can enjoy NYSCI Family activities even more: Shape Hunt   Look Out for Sound

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Family Science Adventures

Children and their grown-ups will explore the world around them through creative art projects and innovative science experiments.

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Preschool Place

A protected area where our youngest visitors can experience multi-sensory activities.

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