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Little Makers: Bird Nesting

Explore the science behind nest making and transform recycled materials into a nest of your own.

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Little Makers: Glider Planes

Discover the fun of aerodynamics as you learn about the four forces of flight.

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Little Makers: Flower Explorations

Use your senses to observe, tinker and learn about flowers and other natural materials.

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Bath- Fiz

Little Makers: Bath Fizzies

Explore physical and chemical reactions while mixing and molding household ingredients to create a fun bath fizzy for the bathtub.

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Little Makers: Make it Float, Make it Sink

Make a splash as you explore engineering using water.

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Little Makers: Bubble Trouble

Design and make your own bubble-making tool from everyday objects and materials to take home.

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Little Makers: Sun Catchers

Explore light and color while experimenting with prisms, flashlights and filters. Then, create your own sun catcher to take home.

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Little Makers: Cool Cardboard Creations

Using fun materials, design new ways of using cardboard pieces to transform them into cool creations.

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Little Makers: Catapult Adventures

Explore force, motion and energy while engineering a small catapult made of everyday materials.

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Little Makers: Butter Up

Discover exciting ingredients and invent new flavors as you shake up a batch of delicious homemade butter.

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Little Makers: Crystal Engineers

Design and make your own crystal using household ingredients.

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Little Makers: Tie Dye Fab(ric)

Learn to tie-dye and create colorful swirls and groovy patterns while transforming pieces of fabric.

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Little Makers: Block Printing

Carve groovy designs into foam blocks and use colorful ink to create a one-of-a-kind print.

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Little Makers: Ooey Gooey Ooez

Mix simple household ingredients to make wacky oobleck.

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Little Makers: Magnetic Explorations

Investigate the powerful science of magnets by tinkering with everyday objects and exploring their magnetic fields.

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Little Makers: Bath Tub Art

Make your own colorful crayons to make bath time fun.

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Little Makers: Colorful Wool Felting

Transform colorful, fluffy wool into compact felt as you practice the craft of felting.

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Little Makers: Happy New Year Lanterns

Celebrate the Year of the Rooster as you tinker with LEDs and tissue paper to make a glowing lantern.

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Little Makers: Paper Clay Sculptures

Mix and blend strips and scraps of recycled paper to make soft paper clay.

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Little Makers: Paint Party

Investigate everyday materials to create a colorful masterpiece.

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