Early Childhood


Little Makers: Winter Snow Globes

A sprinkle of creativity and a dash of imagination is all you need to design and create your own winter wonderland snow globe.

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Little Makers: Gingerbread Celebration

Design and create your own delicious mini gingerbread house.

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Little Makers: Hot Cocoa to Go

Warm up indoors as you explore a variety of spices and invent your own flavored hot cocoa mix.

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Wooden spoon in the jar of apple jam closeup

Little Makers: Harvest Time Jam

Smash and stir this season’s fruit into a yummy batch of homemade jam.

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Little Makers: Play Dough Robots

Design and build a funky robot using homemade play dough and recycled electronic parts.

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Little Makers: Sew Fun

Explore real tools and materials while practicing sewing, weaving and playing with textiles.

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Little Makers: Superhero Gadgets

Design, make and build your own super gadget

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Little Makers: Magnets in Motion

Use magnets in fun ways from painting to racing cars

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Little Makers: Stomp Rockets

Explore different parts of a rocket as you build and launch your own high-flying rocket

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Little Makers: Glider Planes

Design and build your own glider plane with everyday materials.

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Little Makers: Adobe Brick Making

Squish, explore and learn how to make your own adobe bricks

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Little Makers: Sidewalk Chalk

make your own sidewalk spray chalk and use it to create colorful designs

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Little Makers: Bubbles All Around

Discover new tools to make bubbles of all sizes.

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Little Makers: Make Some Noise

Discover the physics of sound as you make your own musical instruments with recycled materials.

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Little Makers: Citrus Science

Quench your thirst by inventing your own citrus flavored drink.

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Little Makers: Make Your Mark

Practice fun ways of making unique prints, scribbles and doodles.

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Little Makers: Stomp Rockets

Build and launch a high-flying rocket that is out of this world.

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Little Makers: Circular Painting

Investigate circular shapes while learning about science, math and art.

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Picture Dots Storytelling

Join us for science story
time and use NYSCI’s Picture Dots app to add colorful dots,
text, silly sounds and your own voice to make the story
come to life.

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Little Makers: Bath Time Crayons

Make your own colorful crayons to make bath time fun.

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