Make It: Lightsabers

November 28;

Prepare yourself for the next Star Wars movie by making your own lightsaber.

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This Sunday: Add bling to your winter gear with Little Makers: Winter Wearable Hacking!

Guest maker Deren Guler helps families customize winter gear with circuits, LEDs and smart fabrics.

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MakeScape Game Design Overview

MakeScape Museum interactive game exhibit and research project Overview A project in collaboration with Matthew Berland of UW Madison, Leilah Lyons of New York Hall of Science and Learning Games Network (Madison developer). Object of game is to attract different “fish” to the variety of light combinations…

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LIttle Makers: Creative Circuitry

Explore conductivity using everyday materials in thrilling experiments. Use copper tape, LEDs, paper and cardboard to make your own light-up creation.

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