Interactive Online Workshops

NYSCI offers online professional development programs to assist teachers in integrating hands-on science teaching practices and STEM content. NYSCI’s use of videoconferencing tools and other technology enables teachers around New York City and the country to connect with NYSCI educators and one another. Our online courses range from half-day workshops to extended professional development institutes that run for several weeks. Subjects can be selected from the STEM institute topics or customized to meet your needs.

1.5 hour videoconferencing workshops

  • Includes email follow up with additional resources

Half-day videoconferencing workshops

  •  A more targeted and in-depth experience

Extended programs

  • A mix of videoconferencing sessions and do-at-your-own-pace work

Hybrid programs

  •  A mix of online and onsite experiences

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This course helped me to understand how powerful online learning can be. It also provided me skills that I can use with my students to promote technology use. – 7th grade educator, Michigan.

If I don’t get another chance, I want to let you know how much I have enjoyed this session. This is the first time I have taken an online, interactive class where I felt there was truly some interaction. – 10 and 11 grade educator, Los Fresnos, Texas.

Extremely cooperative atmosphere. I had not expected an online course to be as well developed as this one was (i.e. inclusion of hands on participation) – 1-6 grade educator, Brooklyn.

Though I have been aware of them for sometime, and was skeptical of the concept, this was my first online course. I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed the course. – 1st grade educator, Brooklyn.

Without this opportunity I would never had the confidence to do this (activity) with my students…Thank you so much for making it look easy…and making this information available to me! I look forward to meeting in person and thanking you again then. – 6-8 grade educator, Staten Island.

Great way to spend my summer. Very excited to put unit plans together for 2012-2013 school year using all of your great ideas. – 7th and 8th grade educator, New Jersey.