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Main phone: 718-699-0005
Group Reservations: 718-699-0301
Fax: 718-699-1341

Geralyn Abinader
Project Manager/Content Developer
Extension 581

Grace Andrews
Coordinator, Instruction
Verizon Center for STEM Learning
Extension 359

Harouna Ba, Ph.D.
Director, SciPlay: The Sara Lee Schupf Family Center for Play, Science, and Technology Learning
Extension 374

Sarah Baker
Porfolio Manager, Institutional Advancement

Elizabeth Bannister
Reservations Coordinator
Extension 384

Emilio Bautista
Supervisor of Daily Operations
Extension 567

Dorothy Bennett
Director, Design Based Learning in Schools
Verizon Center for STEM Learning
Extension 603

Reid Bingham
Maker Space Coordinator
Extension 593

Jennifer Brunjes
Vice President, Special Events
Extension 371

Cornelia Brunner, Ph.D.
SciPlay Senior Advisor
Extension 374

Marcia Bueno
Coordinator of Youth and Career Development
Extension 585

Kelvin Burdier
Visitor Experience Supervisor
Extension 576

Julie Burns
Group Reservations Manager

Denise Chavez
Library Program Associate
Extension 360

Tara Chudoba
Exhibit Developer/Project Manager
Extension 591

Rebecca Cittadini
Director, Web Strategy
Extension 342

Michael Cosaboom
Exhibition Developer & Project Manager
Extension 376

Yadana Nath Desmond
Program Manager, Education Services
Extension 381

Ruth Diones
Research Fellow, SciPlay: The Sara Lee Schupf Family Center for Play, Science, and Technology Learning
Extension 561

Anthony Douyon
Biology Laboratory Specialist
Extension 352

Caitlin Eschmann
Research Assistant
SciPlay: The Sara Lee Schupf Family Center for Play, Science, and Technology Learning
Extension 383

Ray Ferrer
Digital Learning Curriculum Developer
Extension 395

Cara Galowitz
Director, Art
Extension 324

Gabriele Gossner
Director of Individual Giving
Extension 379

Ralph A. Grochowski
Manager, Information Technology
Extension 9357

Dustin Growick
Science Instructor
Extension 559

Mariana Hairabedian
Senior Grant Accountant
Extension 306

Howard Heitler
Support Engineer, Information Technology

Kiryn Haslinger Hoffman
Vice President, Institutional Advancement
Extension 373

Margaret Honey, Ph.D.
President & CEO
Extension 327

Pat Huie
Chief Financial Officer
Extension 333

Scott Wayne Indiana
Content Development
Verizon Center for STEM Learning
Extension 606

Amy Kamarainen, Ph.D.
SciPlay Visiting Scholar
Extension 440

Robert Kennedy
Grant Compliance Manager
Extension 392

Michaela Labriole
Manager of Online Professional Development
Extension 569

Michael Lane
Director, Exhibit Services
Extension 334

Matty Lau
Director, Pre-Service Science Teacher Education Program
Extension 409

Samuel Litt
Director, Information Technology
Extension 611

Lee Livney
Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs,
Institutional Advancement
Extension 303

Robert Logan
Executive Vice President & Chief Operations Officer
Extension 393

Danny Loi
Senior Designer
Extension 330

Dmitry Lopatukhin
Vice President, Facilities, Security & Safety
Extension 336

Don Luistro
Science Instructor
Extension 572

Demetrius Lutz
Science Instructor
Extension 582

Leilah Lyons
Director of Digital Learning
Extension 368

Jasmine Maldonado
Science Specialist
Extension 388

Truck McDonald
Manager of Explainer Training and Content
Extension 332

Sarah Mellon
Associate Portfolio Manager, Institutional Advancement
Extension 310

Monte A. Melnick
3D Theater & Audio Visual Supervisor
Extension 366

Delia Meza
Early Childhood Science Instructor
Extension 341

Priya Mohabir
Deputy Director, Science Career Ladder
Extension 403

Peggy Monahan
Exhibits Projects Creative Director
Extension 605

José Morel
Director of Security
Extension 307

Satbir Multani
Design Lab Experience Coordinator
Extension 378

Edward Murray
Visitor Services Supervisor
Extension 302

Leela Nauth
Senior Manager of Visitor Experience & Business Administration
Extension 389

Nancy Nearman
Extension 331

Anthony Negron
Manager of Digital Programming
Extension 597

Naana Ohene
Special Events Assistant
Extension 353

Athena Padouvas
Visitor Experience Supervisor
Extension 576

Yelena Pekelis
Housekeeper Manager
Extension 370

Kelley Peregoy
Exhibit Technology Specialist, Information Technology

Sylvia Perez
Vice President, Education Services
Extension 596

Premie Ramcharran
Administrator, Accounts Receivable, HR & Purchasing
Extension 311

Mary Record
Director, Communications
Extension 323

Rebecca Reitz
Senior Manager, Science Technology Library
Extension 360

Antonio Renovales
Science Instructor
Extension 326

Laura Rodriguez-Costacamps
Project/Curriculum Designer
SciPlay: The Sara Lee Schupf Family Center for Play, Science, and Technology Learning
Extension 335

Robin L Robin, SPHR
Director of Human Resources
Extension 329

Carlos Romero
Design Lab Experience Coordinator
Extension 378

Ramona Roque
Assistant Manager, Membership
Extension 338

Anita Samaroo
Extension 347

Karen Saur
Coordinator of Professional Development,
Education Services
Extension 568

Nancy Schenk
Executive Assistant
Extension 318

Abigail Sewnauth
Training Specialist
Extension 339

Akash Sharma
Daily Operations Specialist
Extension 567

Eric Siegel
Director & Chief Content Officer
Extension 317

Rovindra Singh
Visitor Experience Supervisotr
Extension 576

Elizabeth Slagus
Director of Public Programs
Extension 316

Erin Thelen
Public Programs Manager
Extension 589

Tania Tiburcio
Director of External Affairs and Community Engagement
Extension 573

Brett Turner
Senior Manager of Visitor Experience & Operations
Extension 304

Stephen Uzzo, Ph.D.
Vice President, Science and Technology
Extension 377

Tamara Velasquez
Coordinator, Education Services
Extension 320

Ellen Wahl
Director of Youth Development & Entrepreneurship
Extension 345

Janella Watson
Director of Early Childhood Education
Extension 343

Martin Weiss
Senior Scientist

David Wells
Manager of Creative Making & Learning
Extension 357

Dan Wempa
Vice President, External Affairs
Extension 351

Amy Louise Whisenhunt
Development Associate
Extension 321

Georgette Williams
Coordinator of Out of School Time Learning
Extension 314

Michael Wilson
Digital Media Producer
Extension 574

Victoria Winters
SciPlay Research Fellow
Extension 640

Talya Wolf
Research Assistant, SciPlay

Suhui Won
Assistant Vice President, Institutional Advancement
Extension 380

Caroline Young
Portfolio Manager
Extension 588

Josette Zeno
Program Administrator
Extension 348