SciPlay Summer Institute: Call for teachers

SciPlay is seeking middle school science teachers for their Summer Institute.

The Sara Lee Schupf Family Center for Play, Science and Technology (SciPlay) is part of NYSCI’s overall mission of transforming science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning in the 21st century. SciPlay’s goal is to leverage children’s play for science learning and teaching across multiple settings.

This summer, join SciPlay for their Summer Institute as we explore the use of playground experiences to teach middle school science. We will look at topics like energy, simple machines, motion, and force and discover how to engage students in playful, fun, and science-rich experiences that can motivate students to explore the physics in their world. During the institute, teachers will be introduced to the SciPlay Physics Noticing Tools, experience playful ways to teach and learn physical science, and get to know activities to use while on the NYSCI Science playground, in local playgrounds and in classrooms.

The Summer Institute will take place at NYSCI on August 19, 21, and 22, 2014.

Registration for The Summer Institute is now CLOSED.

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