Robots 3D

What does it take to make a humanoid robot — a robot that can do anything we can do without the benefit of a human brain? How close are scientists to replicating some of the particularly challenging human characteristics? ROBOTS 3D answers these questions and more as it showcases the latest developments — the successes and failures — of robotics around the world. ROBOTS 3D is a fascinating and fun look at what makes us human, how far machines can really go to look and act like us, and how humanoids are already changing our world.

$6 adults; $5 children, students & seniors, plus NYSCI admission. (Members: $3 per person; free for Family Explorer members.) Reserved groups: $4 per person, plus group admission fees.

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Daily through June 30, 2016.


Monday: 11 am , noon & 2 pm
Tuesday: 2 pm
Wednesday – Friday: 11 am , noon & 2 pm
Saturday & Sunday: noon & 2 pm

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