Network Science In Education (NetSciEd) is a multi-faceted initiative whose goal is to engage citizens of all ages in learning about and using network science. The NetSciEd community includes researchers, educators, students, computer programmers, writers, musicians and artists, and is open to anyone with an interest in exploring network science. The ongoing work of NetSciEd takes many forms, and includes student-based education projects, curriculum development, e-badges, international collaborations, education symposia, conferences and professional development workshops, mobile kits, e-books, festivals, and the development of Network Literacy: Essential Concepts.

NySci in New York March 29, 2014.  Insider Images/Andrew Kelly (UNITED STATES)

Cisco Networking Academy Teachers Hear About NetSci High

Introduction of NetSci High to the Western US Cisco Networking Academy teachers at WASTC conference.

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Network Literacy document published

This brochure about network literacy states basic ideas for the study of networks in plain language, presenting seven essential concepts.

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NetSci High paper now published for CompleNet

A paper describing the success of the project NetSci High is now published.

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SUBMERGE! Poster Competition Winners on Display at NYSCI

SUBMERGE! is a public science event that inspires respect for and curiosity about our water environment by bringing the latest marine and ocean science research to New York City residents through hands-on engagement, and is brought to you by NYSCI and the Hudson River Park…

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NetSci High Makes Connections at NYSCI

On September 24, 2014, NetSci High students from Newburgh Free Academy, Chelsea CTE High School and Elmont Memorial High School paid a visit to NYSCI to participate in a day-long network science experience, learning some of the many applications of network science. They began the day working through a…

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Catherine Cramer

Senior Program Developer 718-699-0005 ext. 396

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NetSci High Begins Fifth Year

High school students participating in the fifth year of the NSF-funded program Network Science for the Next Generation, also known as NetSci High, recently returned from an intensive 10-day workshop at Boston University. The goal of NetSci High is to immerse high school students and…

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