Science Career Ladder

Science Career Ladder


The Science Career Ladder is NYSCI’s signature education program. It is an opportunity for high school and college students to work at NYSCI and also participate in mentoring, professional development and career preparation activities.

As Explainers on our exhibit floor, Science Career Ladder students are the face of NYSCI. They explain our exhibits, perform demonstrations, support educational workshops and act as role models to students in NYSCI’s out-of-school camps and clubs.  Explainers are easily recognized by their trademark red aprons.

Since 1986, more than 3,000 students have worked as Explainers at NYSCI. Since its inception, the Science Career Ladder has had the mission of encouraging young men and women from across New York City to pursue careers in science, technology, or education.  While working at NYSCI, Explainers benefit from career workshops, networking opportunities, introductions to a range of professions, opportunities to apply for residencies and participate in research, exhibit development and educational outreach.

The history of the Science Career Ladder is chronicled in this 2010 report.

Do you want to apply for a job as an Explainer? We generally hire three times a year and ask for a commitment of at least one year from all Explainers. Learn more. 

  • NYSCI Honors Shateesh, Anna and Laycca

    seidenberg-family-top-of-the-ladder-awardShateesh Bhugwansing, Anna McPherran and Laycca Umer receive the Seidenberg Family Top of the Ladder Award at the 2016 NYSCI Gala.

  • STEM Nights

    STEM Night NewSTEM Nights are a series of free evening events that feature talks and informal networking with STEM professionals.

  • NYSCI Explainer TV Associate Producer

    explainerTVjobNYSCI's Explainer TV is currently accepting applications for the Explainer TV Associate Producer position.

  • NYSCI Explainers are the future of science innovation

    Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 11.26.19 AMPriya Mohabir, Director of Alan J. Friedman Center for the Development of Young Scientists, discusses STEM opportunities for young people and NYSCI's Science Career Ladder.

  • World Maker Faire 2014: Explainer TV explores NYSCI Village

    explainertv_wmf14Meet NYSCI Explainers and learn about some of the fun, engaging activities of NYSCI Village at World Maker Faire.

  • Science Career Ladder Alumni

    explainer_alumWe want to follow up with the extraordinary group of people who started their careers as Explainers in the Science Career Ladder program at NYSCI.

  • Explainer Spotlight: Brittany Roopnarine – Crow Canyon

    Brittany R Crow CanyonBrittany just came back from Crow Canyon and here’s the story of her Archaeology Adventure.

  • Explainer Spotlight: Justine Wu

    Meet Justine Wu, a Senior Explainer at NYSci.

  • Explainer Spotlight: Yessenia Bautista

    unnamedMeet Yessenia. Here’s her story of transitioning from self-described “rebel” to future medical professional. Meet more of our Explainers here.

  • Caroline Placzek at the White House Science Fair

    Spider Man at the New York Hall of ScienceOn May 27, Caroline Placzek, a NYSCI Maker Space resident and former Explainer, attended the 2014 White House Science Fair. Caroline has worked at NYSCI for six years as an Explainer, and most recentl

  • Explainer Spotlight: Nancy Portillo

    Nancy PortilloNancy Portillo works as an Early Childhood Resident at NYSCI. She develops special curricula for kids with ASD. Her mission is to help these children live normal lives.

  • Explainer Spotlight – Shannon MacColl

    Shannon MacCollAs a young girl, Shannon wanted to invent a bus-boat-plane to provide transportation for people with disabilities. At that time, she didn’t realize that design and philanthropy would be a part of he

  • Explainer Spotlight – Todd Narasuwan

    Todd NarasuwanThe Science Career Ladder doesn’t always take Explainers on a path to Science. In Todd’s story, working at the New York Hall of Science whipped him into shape and boosted his confidence to a level

  • Explainer Spotlight: Parminne Pitamber

    Parminne PitamberThis is the Story of Parminne Pitamber. She began working at the Hall of Science as an Explainer and fell in love with Education. Later she became a Science Coach Resident. As a Resident, she makes it

  • Explainer Spotlight: Caroline Placzek

    Caroline PlaczekCaroline is a Senior Explainer at the New York Hall of Science. While working for the museum, she gained a passion for teaching. And after her weight loss, she gained passion for nutrition and healthy

  • Explainer TV

    etv_ftdA project under the Friedman Center, Explainer TV engages high school and college students in digital video production that highlights science, NYSCI and our Explainers. These associate producers lear

  • The Science Career Ladder: 1986 – 2010

    scl_report_2010Download Report   This report documents the development and dissemination of the Science Career Ladder (SCL), the signature program of NYSCI. Its intent is to inform other museums interested in s

  • Explainer Spotlight: Mohsin Raza

    Mohsin RazaMeet Mohsin Raza a former Senior Explainer at NYSCI with his heart set at reaching new heights. His experience at NYSCI has amplified his passion for science. Where will he go next? The sky is the lim

  • Explainer Spotlight: Akash Sharma

    10813674824_6975f6b029_bMeet Akash Sharma… Explainer, photographer, future museum director and recipient of this year’s Top of the Ladder Award for his outstanding work as part of NYSCI’s Science Career Lad

  • Explainer Spotlight: Brittany Roopnarine

    BrittanyMeet Brittany Roopnarine, an Explainer at the New York Hall of Science. Although she is young, she knows that she wants to work in STEM and there should be more women in science.