Public Programs

Public Programs

Public programming reflects, highlights and responds to the exciting topics in focus at NYSCI. On-going research, prototyping as well as temporary and permanent exhibits inform fun and engaging experiences that take the forms of: live auditorium shows, large-scale events and festivals, temporary installations, as well as workshops.

NYSCI actively seeks to work with a variety of institutions, organizations, partner groups and individuals to bring our programming to new audiences and build levels of accessibility.

  • Songs for Unusual Creatures

    MH UC pic 2_ cred Hidemi TakagiOdd animals like blobfish, elephant shrews, giant Chinese salamanders, and other bizarre beasts slither, hop, swim and jump in projected images and videos.

  • STEM Night: Careers in Energy

    8685172882_743e9beb48_kTEM Night: Careers in Energy features a moderated panel of industry experts from Con Edison who will share their work and career journeys.