Make music or play with trains in Preschool Place, enjoy a classic children’s video, join a story time in our Science & Technology Library, or sign up for a family workshop. Kids and grown-ups can learn together in these fun programs and spaces.

  • Little Makers: Animal Inventions

    9334384735_e8d5be893c_kDiscover how animals use innovative ways to get food, make homes and protect themselves from other creatures.

  • Little Makers: Nature Tools

    14512026156_6301260523_kExplore twigs, leaves, rocks and other natural materials and transform them into new and exciting tools.

  • Little Makers: Exploring Circuitry

    11779775446_6fcdb3ab69_kExplore the basics of circuitry with foil, coin batteries, and colorful LEDs.

  • Little Makers: Super Soap Making

    soapMix and mold fun household ingredients to create a scented soap to take home.

  • Little Makers: Sew Fun

    SAMSUNG CSCExplore real tools and materials while practicing sewing, weaving and playing with textiles. Learn the science behind hypercolor fabrics and make cool wearable art.

  • Little Makers: Sun Catchers

    13928163666_903392e471_kExplore light and color while experimenting with prisms, flashlights, and filters. Then, create your own sun catcher to take home.

  • Little Makers: Rockets

    RocketExplore different parts of a rocket as you build and launch your own high-flying rocket that it out of this world.

  • Little Makers

    LM_mainftdLittle Makers invites families with young children to tinker, design and create together.

  • Recommended Reading

    teachers_resourcesA list of story time books compiled by the Science & Technology librarian.

  • Preschool Resources

    preschool_resources_ftdDownload these helpful guides to bring along so you can enjoy NYSCI Family activities even more: Shape Hunt   Look Out for Sound

  • Family Science Adventures

    fsa_ftdChildren and their grown-ups will explore the world around them through creative art projects and innovative science experiments.

  • Preschool Place

    preschoolplace_ftdA protected area where our youngest visitors can experience multi-sensory activities.