NYSCI presents more than 450 interactive displays that explain science and demystify the world.

We have more than 100,000 square-feet of indoor exhibition space, plus our outdoor 60,000 square-foot Science Playground and Rocket Park, where you can not only get an up-close view at vintage Atlas and Titan rockets, but also experience a nine-hole miniature golf course that shows how mini-golf really is rocket science.

Browse our current exhibits below.

  • Nikon Small World 2016

    Four-day-old zebrafish embryo - image by Dr. Oscar RuizView the winning images of the 2016 Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition.

  • Science Inspires Art: Food

    "Future Fish" by Don CooperView more than two dozen images of art that reflect on the topic of food.

  • Vanitas (in a Petri dish)

    image of a Suzanne Anker printA series of digital prints by contemporary bio-artist Suzanne Anker.

  • Climatic Visions II

    Collage by Cristina BiaggiArtists respond to the seasonal weather patterns of the natural world with collages and photographs that reflect the beauty, the drama, the grandeur and immensity of climate change.

  • Going Places – The Technology of Transport

    Photo for summer exhibition, Going PlacesFly a plane on a flight simulator, ride a mini hovercraft, and guide a blimp through sky hoops at our summer exhibition.

  • Domes & Palaces – Constructing Science

    A photograph by Susan Gamble and Michael Wenyon showing orange, wooden models of the Platonic solids.View photographs by the art team Susan Gamble and Michael Wenyon.

  • Connected Worlds

    Connected Worlds 960x370NYSCI's groundbreaking new exhibition on environmental sustainability is now open.

  • Scattered Light

    scatteredlight_postAn art installation created by Dick Esterle, Scattered Light consists of 528 25-foot lengths of flagging tape.

  • Design Lab

    designlab_shadowpuppetsDesign Lab is NYSCI's newest experience that taps into people’s natural tendency to be inventive and resourceful.

  • NYSCI’s New Mars Rover

    9001322326_7e50ba3052Meet Camille, NYSCI's new Mars Rover.

  • Sports Challenge

    12934470154_735d28c77a_bTest your skills in a variety of sports and learn the vital role that science plays in sports.

  • Seeing the Light

    11375744195_60ece524e1_bExplore the sense of sight and learn how humans see and perceive color and light.

  • Science Playground

    9534177290_1f61b2637f_bExplore the scientific principles of motion, balance, sound, sight and simple machines.

  • Mathematica

    11036985485_26dfdc26fd_bThrough a combination of hands-on activities and dynamic models, explore how math has impacted our world.

  • Rocket Park Mini Golf

    miniExplore the science of spaceflight in this nine-hold mini golf course.

  • Charlie & Kiwi’s Evolutionary Adventure

    9168403159_7cf8b026d7_bDiscover the ancestors of the kiwi bird and evidence for how evolution works.

  • Rocket Park

    8685173302_dd552155df_b Discover some of the rockets and spacecraft that helped initiate the space race.

  • Search for Life Beyond Earth

    mars_ftdDiscover what scientists have learned about life in extreme environments on Earth and how this suggests what kind of life we look for in our Solar System and beyond.

  • Molecules and Health

    molecules_health3Discover how molecules shape our bodies, our medicines and our world.

  • Preschool Place

    preschoolplace_ftdA protected area where our youngest visitors can experience multi-sensory activities.