Rebecca Reitz

Senior Manager of the Science Technology Library
(718) 699-0005 ext 360

Rebecca Reitz is the Senior Manager of the Science Technology Library. Known as “The Librarian” to the families, educators, staff members and school groups who frequent the library, she dedicates herself to helping learners learn, teachers teach and to creating a warm and welcoming learning space.

With an MLS from Palmer School of Information Science (LIU), Rebecca has worked in several school libraries in Manhattan. From those positions, and in this one, she has developed a well rounded familiarity with children’s literature and an ability for teaching with books.

Matching the patron with the resource is her favorite part of being a librarian. This is easily done at NYSCI, as the library holds a collection of diverse learning materials representing a wide range of disciplines, sources, points of view, difficulty levels, and formats which accommodate various learning styles, interests, and purposes. Introducing her patrons to authors and illustrators, helping teachers teach and guiding young scholars in their science fair research satisfies Rebecca’s own librarian mission.

Prior to her librarian life, Rebecca worked in the public relations field, most notably with jazz musicians, concerts and clubs. Rebecca also worked as a program editor at A&E television. She continues her interest in artistic expression here at NYSCI, by appreciating science through the filter of poetry, fiber arts and music.