New SciPlay App Needs Teachers

Be a part of the SciPlay Physics Noticing Tool (PNT) research. SciPlay PNT is a mobile app that will reveal the hidden physics of the playground. With a little technology, SciPlay PNT can turn typical playground activities into powerful educational tools. We’ve worked with designers and students to develop the tool and now we need middle school science teachers like you to help us test them! Please see our recruitment flyer for details.

What: SciPlay PNT is a noticing tool that helps teach middle school level physics (motion, force, and energy) through playground play! This will be a refreshing way for you and your students to get involved in their physics learning while meeting New York State Standards, Common Core State Standards, and Next Generation Science Standards.

When: We are looking for 30 NYC middle school science teachers to be part of our implementation study during the 2014-2015 school year. We are looking for an additional 60 NYC eighth grade science teachers to participate in our impact study during the 2015-2016 school year. The implementation study will assess how readily this tool can be put into use in classrooms across NYC and the impact study will assess how effectively SciPlay PNT facilitates physics learning.

Later this summer, SciPlay will be hosting its first SciPlay Teacher Institute for 3-5 days during the week of August 18-22, 2014. SAVE THE DATES! During the institute, teachers will be introduced to the SciPlay PNT, experience playful ways to teach and learn physical science, and consult on SciPlay PNT curriculum.

Teacher Incentives: As a thank you for participating in the testing of SciPlay PNT, we will provide you with a one-year educator membership to NYSCI. Upon completion of the program, your school will be gifted technology to continue using SciPlay PNT, including an iPad for each participating teacher.

We would be happy to talk further or answer any questions on the phone or in person. If you’re interested in working with us or learning more about SciPlay PNT, please fill out the information request form or email with a list of names and email addresses of your interested teachers or with a date you would like to meet. We look forward to working with you!

SciPlay Physics Noticing Tool - Energy Lens Wireframe

SciPlay Physics Noticing Tool – Energy Lens Wireframe