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Engineering Week

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February 17, 2014 - February 21, 2014

Engineering Week kicks off with Engineering Day on Monday, February 17, with a day of activities and tables run by the American Society of Civil Engineers. This year, NYSCI is extending Engineering Day to Engineering Week. Each day covers different engineering concepts—from nano to mechanical, accompanied by activities and challenges to put those ideas into practice. Free with NYSCI admission.

February 17: Civil Engineering

Engineering Day; 11 am – 4 pm
Learn about civil engineering through interactive games and activities organized by the American Society of Civil Engineers MET Section.  Try building a gumdrop dome, playing Topple-a-Tug, building a paper bridge, designing the tallest tower, and playing the West Point Bridge Designer Game.

February 18: Nanoengineering

Nanoengineering Demo with NYSCI Explainers; 1:30 pm
Engineering occurs on different scales from large to very, very small.  What is nanoengineering and how does it impact our day-to-day lives?  Learn from NYSCI Explainers.

Nanoengineering Activities: Gummy Capsules and Liquid Crystals; 1 – 4 pm
Watch liquid goo self assemble into a solid gel.  Check out nano-crystals that change color when stimulated by energy.  Learn how Nano-engineers use this technology to deliver medicine more effectively and improve picture quality on everyday electronics.

February 19: Chemical Engineering

Cosmetic Engineering; 1:30 pm
Learn about cosmetic engineering, a branch of chemical engineering, from students and the founder of the Cosmetic Engineering program at Manhattan College.

Make Polymer Slime; 1 – 4 pm
Mix everyday household ingredients to make your own polymer slime. Watch the slime change as the chains of molecules bond together.

February 20: Mechanical Engineering

Skype with Danny Zeno at Kennedy Space Center; 1:30 pm
Talk with Danny Zeno, Mission Operations Integrator with NASA at Kennedy Space Center. Learn what it takes to launch a rocket and how to engineer missions in space.

Rocket Building; 1 – 4 pm
Design, build and launch your own rocket to take home.

February 21: Biology and Engineering

Meet ZOOB Inventor Michael Joaquin Grey; 2:30 pm
Meet the inventor of the ZOOB Play System – artist, scientist and entrepreneur Michael Joaquin Grey. Learn how ZOOB is more than just a building tool and can be used to connect us to fundamental geometric, molecular and biological functions.

Hands–On Building Challenges with ZOOB; 1 – 4 pm
Design and build with ZOOB. Create a double helix model of DNA. Play with human body advancements by using ZOOB to extend your arm’s reach or hand’s grasp.

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