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Engineering Week 2016

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February 15, 2016 - February 19, 2016

Engineering Week kicks off with Engineering Day on Monday, February 15, with a day of activities and tables run by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Engineering Week continues throughout the week to cover different engineering concepts— from environmental to mechanical – accompanied by activities and challenges to put those ideas into practice in NYSCI’s Design Lab. Free with NYSCI admission, unless otherwise noted.

11 am — 4 pm
Learn about civil engineering through interactive games, construction challenges, and hands-on activities presented by the Metropolitan Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers and NYSCI Explainers.

Activities include:

  • Gumdrop Dome: Build a dome using gumdrops and toothpicks. Test how much weight your dome can support.
  • Topple-A-Tug: Design your own boat made out of aluminum foil and see how many pennies it can hold without sinking.
  • Paper Bridge: Build a bridge using paper, wooden blocks and paper clips. See how much weight it can hold before it collapses.
  • Paper Tower: Design and build a tower at least 10 inches high using index cards and paper clips. See if your tower can withstand a weight placed on top. (Hint: You can fold the index cards into any shape you want to increase their strength.)
  • Truss Bridge: Using West Point Bridge Designer software, design the least expensive truss bridge that will pass a simulated load test.
  • Jenga: Build the tallest possible tower of blocks before the tower falls over.
  • Dowels: Build structures with wooden dowel rods.

FEBRUARY 16 – 19, 2016 : Engineering Career Talks
Hear from individuals involved in engineering to learn about his/her career path and past/current projects and learn about the skill sets involved in engineering careers, and the vast and various applications of engineering.

Tuesday – February 16


Ann Marie Flynn, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering Department, Manhattan College

Learn about cosmetic engineering, a branch of chemical engineering, from students and the founder of the Cosmetic Engineering program at Manhattan College


Thursday – February 18


Michael J. Flanagan, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO of FlanaGen LLC

Engineering provides incredible opportunities to explore and impact the universe, from the vast expanses of space to the sub-microscopic realms of living cells to everything in between!  While striving for utility, invention and improvement in the objects of our creation, engineers set the same goals for themselves.  This talk looks at many aspects of engineering through the lens of a career that has spanned two decades and six continents.


Friday – February 19


Willis Elkins

Program Manager, Newtown Creek Alliance

The industrial revolution brought many advances to modern society although often at the expense of natural ecosystems. This talk will discuss various engineering challenges we face in working to restore damaged aquatic environments, with a focus on local NYC waterways.


Sissy Nikolaou, Ph.D., PE

Senior Associate and Director Geoseismic Department, Muesser Rutledge Consulting Engineers

Recent climate and geological multi-hazard events, such as the Tōhoku mega-earthquake and tsunami, Hurricane Sandy, Oso landslide and the Eastern US Virginia earthquake are an urgent reminder of the exposure of mega-cities and large urban centers to vulnerabilities. Learn how engineering and other disciplines are collaborating to develop unique and creative solutions to some of our urban risks.



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