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Brain Awareness Day

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March 17 @ 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Exhibits, activities and real brains bring neuroscience to life for adults and kids of all ages. As part of NYC Brain Awareness Week, scientists and NYSCI Explainers describe the brain’s different parts, demonstrate how it allows us to sense our environment and control our muscles, and discover similarities between human and animal cognition.

Meet scientists from braiNY 
The team from braiNY visit the New York Hall of Science for Brain Awareness Week. Come learn more about the exciting organ between our ears! Their scientists will bring their collection of brains (from snake to human) to see and compare, sheep brains to dissect and touch, activities to test your senses, and even crafts to make your own brain cells and brain hats to take home.

Explore cognition and communication with NYSCI Explainers 
Test your ability to read ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics through the use of signs, symbols and words as a form of communication. Examine some of the ways we humans and other animals process information and communicate with each other.
Is communication a conversation between two or more people? Try on a pair of special googles that shifts your vision, test how quickly your brain communicates with the rest of your body to help it adapt to a new environment.
Visit our Brainy Exhibits
Seeing the Light – Explore the sense of sight and learn how humans see and perceive color and light.
Wild Minds – Through videos, games and displays, discover the similarities between human and animal cognition.

Free NYSCI admission.

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