Today’s featured book: Curious George plants a tree

Today’s featured book: Curious George plants a tree by Monica Perez, illustrated in the style of H.A. Rey by Anna Grossnickle Hines. The mischievous monkey learns about protecting the environment by planting trees and recycling paper. Includes tips on conserving energy and resources. With 20…

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Design Lab install in progress. Opens June 7

Installation of Design Lab is underway in NYSCI’s Central Pavilion. Official opening is set for June 2014, but we’ve already started running a limited schedule of activities. Check out Design Lab on your next visit. Meanwhile, here are photos of the installation that hint at…

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Happy City HR

Digital Design Lab: Coming to Your School

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Teacher Residencies

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Sample Projects

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New plaza, park and outdoor classroom

This is how the the surrounding are going to look and how they will be used.

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Restoration and Modern Renovation

What we plan to do. How it will look. All the details.

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Design and Architecture

Here’s text and info on our design and architecture plans for the Great Hall.

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