Design Lab

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Miles From Tomorrowland

Visit Design Lab to make gadgets, gear and high-flying space vehicles, and explore a distant planet in a Miles from Tomorrowland virtual reality experience.

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The Need for Design Based Learning in Science Education

Dorothy Bennett, NYSCI’s Director of Design Based Learning in Schools, talks about young people’s desire to play and be active participants in their learning experience.

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Curious George Visits Design Lab

Meet the NYC & Company 2014 NYC Family Ambassador, Curious George, in our newest experience, Design Lab.

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Build the Best Breakfast Ever

Imagine a tool, design, gadget or idea that will elevate your breakfast experience. A fix for soggy cereal or burnt toast? Something to make breakfast more fun? You don’t need a lab or celebrity chef – just use materials you have at home, at work,…

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Design Lab install in progress. Opens June 7

Installation of Design Lab is underway in NYSCI’s Central Pavilion. Official opening is set for June 2014, but we’ve already started running a limited schedule of activities. Check out Design Lab on your next visit. Meanwhile, here are photos of the installation that hint at…

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