Little Makers: Exploring Circuitry

Explore the basics of circuitry with foil, coin batteries, and colorful LEDs.

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Little Makers: Super Soap Making

Mix and mold fun household ingredients to create a scented soap to take home.

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Little Makers: Sew Fun

Explore real tools and materials while practicing sewing, weaving and playing with textiles. Learn the science behind hypercolor fabrics and make cool wearable art.

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Little Makers: Sun Catchers

Explore light and color while experimenting with prisms, flashlights, and filters. Then, create your own sun catcher to take home.

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Little Makers: Ooey, Gooey, Polymers

Mix everyday household ingredients to make polymers like silly putty and oobleck.

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Little Makers: Block Printing

Carve your own designs into foam blocks and use colorful ink to create a one-of-a-kind print.

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Little Makers: Rockets

Explore different parts of a rocket as you build and launch your own high-flying rocket that it out of this world.

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Little Makers: Sink, Float, Flink

Experiment with a variety of materials and design your own boat to sail on the high seas or in your bathtub!

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Little Makers: D’ough

Explore household ingredients to mix up a batch of your own play dough.

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This Sunday: Add bling to your winter gear with Little Makers: Winter Wearable Hacking!

Guest maker Deren Guler helps families customize winter gear with circuits, LEDs and smart fabrics.

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Little Makers: Tie Dye Fab(ric)

Learn to tie dye and create colorful swirls and groovy patterns while transforming pieces of fabric.

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Little Makers: Project Paper-Making

Discover the fun of paper-making by transforming recycled paper scraps and found objects like fabric fibers and leaves into your own handmade paper.

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Little Makers: Winter Wearable Hacking

Transform a winter wearable into dazzling and exciting gear.

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Little Makers: Bath Time Crayons

Scrub-a-dub-dub, it’s time to have fun in the tub! Make your own colorful crayons to make bath time more fun.

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Little Makers: Paint Party

Mix up your own batch of washable paint from everyday ingredients to make a work of art.

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Little Makers: Sensational Sand Play

Mix simple household ingredients to make a batch of moldable sand.

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Little Makers: Butter Up

Explore new ingredients and invent your own flavor as you shake up a batch of delicious homemade butter.

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Little Makers: Make Some Noise

Discover the physics of sound as you make your own musical instruments with recycled materials.

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Little Makers: Hot Cocoa to Go

Baby, it’s cold outside! Warm up indoors as you explore a variety of spices and invent your own flavored hot cocoa mix.

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Little Makers: Winter Snow Globes

A sprinkle of creativity and a dash of imagination is all you need to design and create your own winter wonderland snow globe.

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