Bug Day at New York Hall of Science

Farmers Market 2.0

Learn about the food we eat and the ways to preserve, prepare and plant them. Free with NYSCI admission.

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ReMake the Holidays

Bend, twist, light, sculpt and animate a new version of the holiday season. Most activities are free with NYSCI admission; some activities require an additional fee.

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GingerBread Lane House Giveaway

Help us close out GingerBread Lane by taking a piece of it home with you. Free with NYSCI admission.

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Little Makers: In Stitches

Join us for a colorful intro to the patterns and practices of sewing. Recommended for ages 18 months and older.

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Night Games

Use instruments and your physical presence to trigger musical events on the dance floor.

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Portable Lab Training

Educators are expected to provide hands-on lessons, yet many of New York City’s classrooms are not equipped with the tools to teach these activities. NYSCI has four different kits that cover a range of topics. Each kit contains equipment and expendable materials for a class…

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Preschool Resources

Download these helpful guides to bring along so you can enjoy NYSCI Family activities even more: Shape Hunt   Look Out for Sound

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Locomotion Commotion: Section 2

Find out how things are built to roll, float, bounce or fly. For young learners, ages 2 – 3 years, and their grown-ups.

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Locomotion Commotion: Section 1

For young learners, ages 4 – 5 years, and their grown-ups. Find out how things are built to roll, float, bounce or fly.

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Family Science Adventures

Children and their grown-ups will explore the world around them through creative art projects and innovative science experiments.

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Preschool Place

A protected area where our youngest visitors can experience multi-sensory activities.

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The Toolshed Project

Learn how to use hand tools such as pull saws, hammers and drills and make an original creation to be displayed at World Maker Faire.

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Build It: Grades 1 – 2

Learn the science behind many cool innovations and imagine ways to make it better.

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Kidz Kreations

Reimagine and recreate your favorite toys while learning the science behind them.

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Wacky Weather

Ever wonder why our weather changes or why we have seasons? Explore the sky in our Star Lab and observe the rising and setting of the sun and moon.

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Fun Flights

Design, build and launch a variety of aeronautical wonders: rockets, kites and hot air balloons.

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Experimental Sound Studio & Audio Recording

Are you interested in music? Explore the properties of sound and how sound changes through various mediums.

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Design-Make-Play Innovation Camp Information Subscription

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Paint Party: A Workshop for Children with ASD

Get a head start on your Father’s Day celebration with splatter painting and printing with stamps. Go home with a hand printed gift for Dad, Grandpa or a special guy in your child’s life. Recommended for children ages 3 – 5 with autism spectrum disorder,…

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Part performance, part workshop, EXPOSED-Sound will feature Haeyoung Kim’s performance “Moori”, which will combine audience participation, a real-time audio visual composition, and a dynamic narrative.

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