NYSCI After Dark

An event series that allows adults an opportunity to enjoy the museum after hours and without younger museumgoers.

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NYSCI After Dark: Rocket Park Astronomy

Meet local astronomers, learn about current research, and get a chance to view the night sky through a variety of telescopes with observational astronomers from LaGuardia Community College and members of the Amateur Astronomers Association.

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Collaborative Woodworking Sculpture

Saturday, April 23

Learn to use simple woodworking tools like saws and sandpaper while you make wood pieces that get added to a large, collaborative sculpture project.

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Electronic Paper Lanterns

Saturday, April 16

Learn how to construct a simple paper circuit to control an LED and then use a variety of materials to build a customizable and unique paper lantern.

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Bumble Bot

Bumble Bots go Rogue with Tenaya Hurst

Monday, April 25

Prototype, play and battle other Bumble Bots and compete in other challenges with the other young makers.

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Spring School’s Out 2016 week!

Join us during Spring School’s Out (April 25 – 30) for a week of events, workshops and activities for the whole family to enjoy. We also have our weekly events during the weekend which include: Wildcard Weekend: Linkages Little Makers: Sensational Sand Play Tinker It…

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UNICEF Kid Power Day

Journey to three stations, each a different country where kids can understand malnutrition and how they can help. At each station, kids will also get active, unlocking a packet of therapeutic food for children in Burkina Faso, Haiti and Uganda.

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Little Makers: Sensational Sand Play

Sunday, May 1

Mix simple household ingredients to make a batch of moldable play sand.

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Little Makers: Flower Explorations

Sunday, May 8

Use your senses to observe, tinker and learn about flowers and other natural materials.

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Little Makers: Edible Play Dough

Sunday, May 22

Explore new ingredients and mix up a batch of your own edible play dough.

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Little Makers: Bugging Out

Sunday, May 29

Explore the fascinating world of insect habitats. Use recycled materials to design and create a home for our crawly friends!

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Little Makers: Sun Catchers

Sunday, April 24

Explore light and color while experimenting with prisms, flashlights and filters. Then, create your own catcher to take home.

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ice Cream

Little Makers: Ice Cream, You Scream

Sunday, April 17

Invent your own flavor as you shake up a small batch of healthy, homemade ice cream.

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Little Makers: Tie Dye Fab(ric)

Sunday, May 15

Learn to tie dye and create colorful swirls and groovy patterns while transforming pieces of fabric.

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Little Makers: Super Soap Making

Sunday, April 3

Mix and mold fun household ingredients to create a scented soap to take home.

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Junk ReThunk Image

“Junk Re-thunk” Book Launch with Scrapkins

Saturday, April 30

Learn about Scrapkins’ awesome new activity book from the author, Brian Yanish, make a project and get your book signed!

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Wildcard Weekend: Linkages

Saturday, April 30

Explore simple machines with linkages while creating mechanical cardboard toys that move and dance.

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Make It: Learn to Solder Wire Sculptures

Saturday, April 9

Learn how to solder while creating a beautiful wire sculpture.

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Make It: Learn to Solder Wire Sculptures

Saturday, April 2

Learn how to solder while creating a beautiful wire sculpture.

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Spring School’s Out with Puppet Phactory in Design Lab

Wednesday, April 27

Puppet Phactory is dedicated to creating works of puppetry and sculpture from forgotten junk.

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