photo of pumpkin chucking

Pumpkin Chucking

Watch “Chuck,” our catapult, toss pumpkins into the air.

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Great Hall photo

Open House New York

Ennead Architects lead a special talk about the museum’s Great Hall building and its restoration.

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Building with Biology

Learn about the emerging field of synthetic biology and talk with real scientists doing this work!

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SUBMERGE NYC Marine Science Festival

A free, day-long science extravaganza to celebrate local marine science and to raise awareness about our coastal waters.

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image of a visitor with a gingerbread house.

GingerBread Lane House Giveaway

Gingerbread houses will be given away on a first-come, first-served basis until every piece of GingerBread Lane is gone.

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Photo of a FireHouse gingerbread structure.

GingerBread Lane

Marvel at homemade gingerbread houses made entirely of edible gingerbread, royal icing and candy.

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"Future Fish" by Don Cooper

Science Inspires Art: Food

View more than two dozen images of art that reflect on the topic of food.

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image of a Suzanne Anker print

Vanitas (in a Petri dish)

A series of digital prints by contemporary bio-artist Suzanne Anker.

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Little Makers: Glider Planes

Design and build your own glider plane with everyday materials.

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Little Makers: Stomp Rockets

Explore different parts of a rocket as you build and launch your own high-flying rocket

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Little Makers: Adobe Brick Making

Squish, explore and learn how to make your own adobe bricks

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Little Makers: Sidewalk Chalk

make your own sidewalk spray chalk and use it to create colorful designs

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Little Makers: Magnets in Motion

Use magnets in fun ways from painting to racing cars

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Little Makers: Superhero Gadgets

Design, make and build your own super gadget

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Little Makers: Bubbles All Around

Discover new tools to make bubbles of all sizes.

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Collage by Cristina Biaggi

Climatic Visions II

Artists respond to the seasonal weather patterns of the natural world with collages and photographs that reflect the beauty, the drama, the grandeur and immensity of climate change.

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Tinker It

Build, explore and create with tinkering activities at this free workshop.

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Tinker It

Build, explore and create with tinkering activities at this free workshop.

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NYSCI After Dark: Anniversary Party

Celebrate the one-year anniversary of Connected Worlds with New York City environmental advocates and artists, live music and refreshments.

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Make It: Elastic Engineering

Learn how to harness the awesome elasticity of the humble rubber band to create a propeller powered car.

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