Tara Chudoba

Exhibit and Activity Developer (718) 595-9163 tchudoba@nysci.org

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Dorothy Bennett

Director of Creative Pedagogy (718) 595-9103 dbennett@nysci.org Dorothy Bennett has over 25 years of experience researching and developing educational media, curricula and teacher enhancement programs that explore how design can serve as a powerful pathway into science and engineering for children. She has collaborated with…

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Peggy Monahan

Creative Director of Exhibit Development (718) 595-9105 pmonahan@nysci.org Peggy has more than two decades of experience in museums such as the Boston Children’s Museum and San Francisco’s Exploratorium, and has created and directed exhibitions on topics ranging from genetics to creativity. She strives to create…

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Sean Walsh

Shop Manager (718) 595-9119 swalsh@nysci.org

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Harouna Ba

Director of SciPlay (718) 595-9174 hba@nysci.org Harouna Ba, Ph.D. joined NYSCI in November of 2013 as the Director of SciPlay. Dr. Ba has extensive experience in investigating children’s development of digital literacy skills and the impact of complex science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs…

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Erin Thelen

Public Programs Manager, External Affairs (718) 595-9183 ethelin@nysci.org

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Monte Melnick

3D Theater & Audio Visual Supervisor (718) 595-9131 mmelnick@nysci.org Since 2003, Monte Melnick has been supervising all audio visual needs for NYSCI, and more recently NYSCI’s 3D theater. Previously he has worked as company manager for The Queens Theater in The Park, but earned his…

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The Physicist Who Saved the Hall of Science

We launched the NYSCI Archives almost two months ago with a look back at 1966 when the Hall of Science reopened as a permanent museum following the World’s Fair. Two weeks ago, we looked back even further to 1964 and the opening of the Fair,…

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Leela Nauth

Visitor Services Manager (718) 595-9189 lnauth@nysci.org

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Reid Bingham

Maker Space Coordinator (718) 699-0005 ext. 593 rbingham@nysci.org

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Mary Record

Communications Director (718) 595-9123 mrecord@nysci.org

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Danny Loi

Senior Graphic Designer, External Affairs (718) 595-9130 dloi@nysci.org

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Cara Galowitz

Art Director, External Affairs (718) 595-9124 cgalowitz@nysci.org

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Michael Cosaboom

Director of Exhibit Services (718) 595-9112 mcosaboom@nysci.org Michael Cosaboom is NYSCI’s Director of Exhibit Services. He has a worked on public technology and informal education projects for over 20 years. Prior to NYSCI he worked at the American Museum of Natural History as Associate Director…

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Ralph Grochowski

Systems Manager, IT (718) 683-9357 rgrochowski@nysci.org

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Ginger Wange

Manager of Corporate and Foundation Relationships (718) 595-9210 gwange@nysci.org   Ginger has served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Zambia, Africa, held​ ​positions with Books For Africa, Capella University, the campaign of the first major-party endorsed female candidate for Minnesota Governor, PBS SciGirls, and FabLab, a…

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Dimitry Lopatukhin

Vice President of Facilities and Capital Projects (718) 595-9136 dlopatukhin@nysci.org

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Nancy Schenk

Executive Assistant (718) 595-9118 nschenk@nysci.org

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Deon Daniels

Science Instructor (718) 595-9168 ddaniels@nysci.org

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rendezvous loadin4 crop

Installing Rendezvous in Space

As millions of people visited the first season of the 1964-65 World’s Fair, the Hall of Science was being erected before their eyes, looming behind the rockets in the Space Park.  Work began on the Hall in June of 1963, but the Hall would not…

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