Brett Turner

Manager, Sales and Promotions, External Affairs (718) 595-9171 bturner@nysci.org

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Jasmine Maldonado

Science Coach Supervisor, Education (718) 595-9188 jmaldonado@nysci.org

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Jennifer Brunjes

Vice President, Special Events (718) 683-9367 jbrunjes@nysci.org

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David Wells

Manager of Creative Making & Learning, Education (718) 595-9157 dwells@nysci.org

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Truck McDonald

Manager of Explainer Training and Content (718) 595-9132 tmcdonald@nysci.org

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Scott Wayne Indiana

Design Lab Online Content Developer (718) 595-9166 sindiana@nysci.org Scott Wayne Indiana taught high school mathematics for nine years, eight years at Lake Oswego High School, in Lake Oswego, Oregon, and one in New York City public schools. During that time, he also cultivated an art practice,…

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Satbir Multani

Design Lab Experience Coordinator smultani@nysci.org Satbir Multani develops and implements design based programing to engage visitors which will allow them to solve personally motivating problems. She trains Explainers on different facilitation techniques that will enable them to assist visitors in solving problems through a creative…

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Abigail Sewnauth

Training Specialist, Science Career Ladder (718) 595-9108 asewnauth@nysci.org

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Samuel Litt

Director of Information Technology (718) 595-9110 salitt@nysci.org

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Grace Andrews

Science Instructor, Education (718) 595-9159 gandrews@nysci.org Grace Andrews has a bachelor’s of science in elementary education from St. John’s University with a concentration in biology, and a master’s of science in science education from Lesley University. She has over 10 years of museum education experience….

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Janella Watson

Director of Early Childhood Education (718) 595-9153 jwatson@nysci.org

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Robert Kennedy

Grant Compliance Manager (718) 595-9137 rkennedy@nysci.org

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Delia Meza

Early Childhood Science Instructor, Education (718) 683-9366 dmeza@nysci.org

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Anthony Negron

Manager of Digital Programming, Education (718) 595-9197 anegron@nysci.org

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Ray Ferrer

Digital Learning Curriculum Developer (718) 595-9143 rferrer@nyscience.org

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Tamara Velasquez

Administrative Coordinator, Education (718) 595-9120 tvelasquez@nysci.org

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Demitrius Lutz

Science Instructor, Education (718) 595-9182 dlutz@nysci.org

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Tara Chudoba

Exhibit and Activity Developer (718) 595-9163 tchudoba@nysci.org

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Dorothy Bennett

Senior Researcher, Design Lab (718) 595-9103 dbennett@nysci.org Dorothy Bennett has over 25 years of experience researching and developing educational media, curricula and teacher enhancement programs that explore how design can serve as a powerful pathway into science and engineering for children. She has collaborated with…

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Peggy Monahan

Exhibits Projects Creative Director (718) 595-9105 pmonahan@nysci.org Peggy has more than two decades of experience in museums such as the Boston Children’s Museum and San Francisco’s Exploratorium, and has created and directed exhibitions on topics ranging from genetics to creativity. She strives to create deeply…

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